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AI-Powered Touchscreen Doorbell To Smartly Secure & Automate Your Home

Irvinei is a smart home and security doorbell system powered by artificial intelligence that seamlessly blends innovation, security, convenience and style to make home smarter and safer. 

Upgrade Your Home Security With One Smart Solution

Irvinei Video Doorbell is your personal assistant and bodyguard. With the Irvinei App, you can remotely protect, manage, and monitor your home right from your phone.
You can experience peace of mind with real-time alerts and crystal-clear video streams. The future of home security is here with Irvinei.

Sleek, Stylish, and Universal Fit

Irvinei doorbell is designed to fit perfectly on your front porch. Its sleek, anti-theft design goes with any home, and protects its surroundings.

Its sleek and stylish design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Stay connected with your home with Irvinei smart home automation

Make your home energy efficient by turning your home into a smart home and remotely control your devices and electronics from anywhere.

Easy to pair with third party devices for a seamless experience.

Elevate Home Security and Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers at Your Fingertips - Because Your Questions Matter

Q: Will the Irvinei AI Powered Touch Screen Doorbell be susceptible to theft?

No, it won't. Our doorbell features both hardware and software anti-theft measures. If stolen, the doorbell becomes unusable.

Q: What sets this product apart from others like the Nest Doorbell?

A: Our product boasts style with customizable themes, voice control for smart homes, and unique AI security alerts such as baby runaway, intruder alerts, and more.

Q: Will there be a monthly cost for the service?

Yes, we offer subscription plans, but we also have a free plan available.

Q: How is the Irvinei Doorbell powered?

This doorbell version has two power options, one through 8v-24v AC power supply and other is using C-type charging like smartphones.

Q: Is the device resistant to direct sunlight?

Yes, it is IP65 compliant and can withstand sunlight and rain from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius.

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Simplify Your Life With A Smarter Home!

Powered with AI innovation and IOT technology, Irvinei – Your Home Brain makes your
home safer, smarter and energy efficient.

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