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Irvinei – AI Powered Touchscreen Doorbell

Irvinei – AI Powered Touchscreen Doorbell

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The AI-powered smart home and security doorbell camera blends innovation, security, style, and convenience. Its goal is to make homes happier and communities safer with advanced AI technology that's accessible to all.

Irvinei's smart doorbells offer:


Home Automation: Make your home energy efficient by turning your home into a smart home.

Voice Control: Use your voice to control and manage your home devices and electronics from anywhere.

Two-Way Communication: communicate with your visitors without opening your door.


- 7" High definition touch screen

-Sleek designs that complement contemporary aesthetics.

- Personalized Themes: Express yourself and make your smart home truly unique with personal moods.

- Sleek Anti-Theft Design: brings security with style to your door.


Social Media Powered: Enable your social networks such as Facebook & Instagram to recognize and distinguish between your friends, family, and strangers at your front door.

- Facial Recognition

- Visitor Log Management

- Neighbourhood Updates

Real-Time Security Alerts

- Parcel Theft

- Weapon Detection

- Baby Run Away

- Eavesdropper

- Intruder Detection

- Dog Poop Detection

- Fire Detection

- Vehicle Detection

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